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    welcome to FLEX
    Flex Vehicle Service helps you keep track of all your vehicle's analytics
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    The FLEX Device
    For every vehicle that you buy a subscription for, you
    receive a free Flex Vehicle Service hardware device.

Welcome to Flex

Flex gives you control over all your vehicles from a central control point.

About Flex

Flex is a cloud based, integrated vehicle management system that gives you control over your entire fleet of cars, trucks and other vehicles from a central control point.

Cloud based technology

Cloud based technology & cellular mobile connectivity is used to track your entire fleet & give you information & key data access from a central control point.

User-friendly tools

Flex offers a live, web-based data screen, giving you real time information when and where you need it, and customized reporting to meet your specific needs.

Real-time data tracking

Flex is an extremely powerful system. It simultaneously tracks – in real time – all key performance indicators in your vehicles.

Fully customizable

Flex offers a fully customised solution designed to give you maximum control, productivity increases and cost savings over your entire fleet.

What data does Flex track?

Flex is an extremely powerful system. It simultaneously tracks – in real time – all key performance indicators in your vehicles such as:

GPS Location Tracking

Flex can track any of your connected vehicles in real-time, and allow you to view the vehicle's location history and previous destinations.

Fuel consumption

Flex allows you to track your connected vehicle's fuel consumption and can save you up to 15% a year in fuel and maintenance costs.


Improve driver behaviour through notifications and alerts.

Distance travelled

Keep track of how far your vehicle has travelled.

Engine Performance and Battery Life

Stay on top and keep track of your engine's performance. Flex also allows you to track your vehicle's battery life to stay on top it before you're caught in an unfortunate situation.

Speed (absolute and average)

A vast amount of information on your vehicle's speed.

What does our support include?

Our back office support includes a number of helpful tools and solutions for a company of any size. Some of these features include:

  • Product information material
  • Web-based admin portal
  • Operational guidelines
  • Structured workflow (ordering & fulfillment, support, tracking & monitoring, billing)
  • Program/project management oversight
  • Ongoing Account Management
  • Fault reporting and restoration services

Flex is constantly being updated with a number of features to come to assist our customers even further.

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Flex Backend Preview

Business Benefits

Flex will help your company grow in numerous ways. Below are just a few examples in the way our system can assist your business:

Improved productivity

Know where your assets are at all times, and how they are being used.

increased vehicle safety

Improved driver behaviour leads to safer driving.

Improved vehicle management

Receive service and maintenance notifications instantly, which helps regulate maintenance and reduce down time.

OH&S oversight

Monitor trip duration and encourage breaks and rest periods.

real-time vehicle tracking & reporting

Set threshold notifications and alarms on a number of vehicle data metrics.

improved vehicle utilisation rates

Monitor vehicle utilisation to ensure your assets are being used to their maximum capacity.

increased corporate brand protection

Your vehicles have your brand on them. Improved driver behaviour helps protect your brand.

increased visibility for performance reviews

Align vehicle and driver reports to employee performance reviews. Set key performance indicators on vehicle data.

Reduce costs

Productivity savings of about $0.33 per minute per driver. So, just 3 minutes of productivity savings per day pays for the service. PLUS up to 15% savings per year in fuel & maintenance costs.

People Benefits

Flex not only improves your company from a business standpoint, but also helps individuals on a more personal level.

benefits of reduced vehicle down-time

Early warning of potential engine & maintenance requirements, which reduce down-time and help with:

Vehicle repair costs
Vehicle time off the road
Increasing vehicle life
Efficient Capacity Management
Company reputation
Customer confidence
Insurance premiums
Lost distribution revenue


From single car owners to large fleet businesses, we have a variety of pricing options to suit your needs.

We also offer multi-vehicle fleet discounts.

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